Facts about our product

1. We use pyrethrum,  a water based and biodegradable insecticide, that's has been approved for use in and around food processing plants and restaurants. Pyrethrum is sought for sensitive applications like the post-harvest treatment of fruits and vegetable as it is clear and free of allergens. Pyrethrum is so safe that the U. S. government approves its use on such insect-prone foods as tomatoes, even while they are on their way to the supermarket or processing plant.

2. Pyrethrum is a natural insecticide that protects the chrysanthemum flowers from plant eating insects. They do not build up immunity to pyrethrum as they do other chemicals and synthetic compounds dangerous to humans. Almost all insects are killed or repelled by pyrethrum including mosquitoes, flies, spiders, gnats and wasps.

3. Used according to the label instructions, the insecticide is considered non-toxic to mammals including household pets. Pyrethrum insecticides have been used in agriculture and equine applications for a quarter century with no known harmful effects. Common applications include backyard pool and patio areas, outdoor restaurants, retirement communities, child daycare centers, zoos, Veterinary clinics, residential/commercial trash areas and livestock facilities.

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